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4 Learning Theory Perspectives

Blog Post #1

For my Blog Post #1, I was asked to create a matrix illustrating the four different learning theory perspectives.  Creating a website and blog is a new experience for me and a bit out of my comfort zone.  However, I found WordPress relatively easy to navigate and I expect to add more interesting features to the blog during the semester.

In my future classroom, I anticipate using a combination of learning theories for instruction.  Behaviorism could be helpful to promote positive classroom behaviors.  Higher-order activities and problem-solving would reflect cognitivist theory.  I believe constructivism lends itself to a highly interactive classroom with students combining hands-on manipulatives and real-world scenarios.  Connectivism is a new concept for me; however, the theory embraces our students’ need for connection in online social media outlets like Twitter and blogging. 

My biggest challenges for this blog post include creating the blog, understanding matrices, and identifying the theories use in technology.  I explored the various matrices available in Word; however, the layouts were difficult to view all the theories at a glance.  I ultimately went with an easy to view matrix to display the information.  I researched the various theories through online resources, prior class notes, and textbook.

I am enjoying exploring different technology applications in this class!

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